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Tuition and Guidance for the Artist in Everyone

Tuition and Guidance for the Artist in Everyone

Art Workshop with Paul : Online Courses

Paul Taggart's work as a Professional Artist of over forty-five years standing is based on working with traditional techniques and this is reflected in his tutoring methods, in which he does not hold anything back; preferring to communicate all of his accumulated knowledge.

Filmed in real-time, featuring detailed demonstrations, frequent close-ups and running commentary from start-to-finish, these video lessons allow you to follow along and benefit from seeing:-
  • Detailed colour mixing on the palette
  • Detailed colour mixing on the surface
  • Every brush-stroke
  • Every action
  • Every technique
  • Every effect

"I believe that anyone can learn to paint or draw providing they are given as much guidance as possible and shown the techniques with which to develop. My tuition is based on sharing knowledge and passing on techniques without which I would never have been able to develop as a Professional Artist and Author. I do hope that these video tutorials do just that - help you to enjoy painting."   Paul Taggart

Let this Artist and Author of fourteen books and Presenter of a growing index of 498 tutorial videos featured in 55 box-sets show you how to expand your horizons.

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Currently running Series 4 of

'Learn to Enjoy Painting in Oils with Paul Taggart'

'Learn to Enjoy Painting in Watercolours with Paul Taggart'

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'[Series 4] Learn to Enjoy Painting in Oils with Paul Taggart'

PLEASE READ ALL OF THE DETAILS FOR THIS COURSE IN THE VOD PAGE DESCRIPTION on Vimeo - – so that you do not miss out on how this course works – where you will find the links for the FREE-TO-DOWNLOAD reference photographs and to our FB group.

In this Series 4, Paul guides you through the exciting ‘art of glazing’. This is NOT about varnishing a painting, it IS ALL ABOUT that unique technique which ultimately enriches and enlivens an oil painting – glazing with transparent colours. To add glazing to your ‘kit’ of techniques is to take your oil painting to a whole new level – you will not regret it.

"Welcome to [Series 4] Learn to Enjoy Painting in Oils with Paul Taggart– one of a series of box-sets in which Artist & Author Paul Taggart is breaking down the traditional oil painting method into its three principal layers, so that you can fully understand their respective nature and function and thereby extend your painting repertoire.

But what about the other layers? You will find that the first underpainting layer is covered in ‘[Series 2] Learn to Enjoy Painting in Oils with Paul Taggart’ along with its companion box-set ‘[Series 2] Topical Techniques for Oils with Paul Taggart’ – which is to work with thinners -

The impasto layer is covered in ‘[Series 3] Learn to Enjoy Painting in Oils with Paul Taggart’ along with its companion box-set ‘[Series 3] Topical Techniques for Oils with Paul Taggart’ – which is to work with tube consistency paint –


[1] You get to watch two Bonus Feature tutorials FOR FREE whilst the build-up course is in progress. These two Painting Topical Techniques cover the Basics and another approach as an Exercise.
[2] We film each lesson in real-time and release each lesson as it is completed.
[3] Once the entire course comes to its natural conclusion the entire set of lessons is boxed up and the two Bonus Features are transferred and added to the upcoming Series 4 of Painting Topical Techniques.

You can either rent each lesson for 24 hours $1(us) or buy outright for $2(us) to watch time and time again.

THIS IS A COMPREHENSIVE COURSE – which kicks off in Lessons 1&2 with a two-part Exercise in which you will practice glazing on a textured surface.

You then move on to a dedicated composition – which is progressively demonstrated in four different ways, so that you can get to grips fully with this EXCITING TECHNIQUE – you can either work-along with Paul on his subject, or use your own, it is entirely up to you – we provide FREE-TO-DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PHOTOGRAPHS available from artworkshopwithpaul on Flickr -

As with all of Paul’s tutorials – these are all filmed in real-time – no editing, no speed-painting, no skipping stages. Everything is shared with you; nothing is left out of either Paul’s demonstration, or Paul’s running commentary. Even mistakes are shown, so that you can learn how to deal with problems in your own painting.


We look forward to your company and as always, send you best wishes for your painting, from Eileen and Paul.

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