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FREE-TO-STREAM tutorials, Paint-a-POSTCARD, SHARE-a-Message plus more ..............

Greetings from our Steading studio in the Highlands of Scotland – we do so hope this finds you staying safe in these days of uncertainty.
            Being creative is one of the most therapeutic things to do in times of stress and anxiety, which is why art was originally introduced as therapy for military, air and naval personnel during WW2, traumatised by their injuries and what they had witnessed. Since then, art therapy has become a mainstream healing and rehabilitation tool for those suffering PTS in any form – which is why we wanted to do our bit in helping folk discover a whole new world for themselves, something that could be explored together, something that would reach-out across the generations, something that would help folk communicate with each other online – a shared new pursuit and communication tool. Let’s spread the word about the therapeutic value of creativity.
Let’s get folk painting together and developing a shared passion that will last a lifetime – so please feel free to tell all your family and friends about this, even those who believe they cannot draw and paint. Because, we are hoping to show that they can, through our new FREE-TO-STREAM ‘Start-Art with Paul’ online video art tutorials and the accompanying special project that anyone can get involved with online.
  1. Watch  the FREE-TO-STREAM episodes in this box-set and discover a gentle way to get started through Paul’s guiding demonstration of how to paint a daffodil, which represents the joys of Springtime.
  2. Paint-a-POSTCARD ... then use the finished painting to SHARE-a-Message online with family and friends.
  3. Also ... share the finished painting on the dedicated Facebook group that we have created, so that folk can enjoy a shared experience, encourage each other and get to meet new friends.
    You will find Paul’s postcard in the FB group, along with a message dedicating it to our posties, who deliver our mail everyday, through all weathers and these challenging times of Covid 19 – with our grateful thanks.
    We have other plans in the making for more FREE-TO-STREAM online videos.
    Meanwhile and as ever this comes with best wishes from Eileen and Paul – please ....... stay safe and keep well.

Paul Taggart
Artist, Author, Presenter, Producer
Oils : Watercolours : Acrylics : Pastels : Drawing
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