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February 2019 Newsletter

February 2019 Newsletter
Do You Know about our Free-to-View 'ArtBytes from Paul' Bonus Features - featuring little 'gems' from our various online video box-sets?

We have been gradually compiling ‘wee’ little gems extracted from individual videos in our box-sets, into Free-to-View ‘ArtBytes from Paul’ so that you can Try-Before-You-Buy. The majority of our box-sets will eventually feature one of these compilation ‘ArtBytes from Paul’ – which you can find as a Bonus Feature on the VOD Page of each box-set (scroll down to below the Episode listings on the VOD Page and click on the Bonus Feature thumbnail) These compilation Bonus Features can also be found on our dedicated FREE-TO-VIEW ‘ArtBytes from Paul’ channel on Vimeo -

Do You Know about our Channels on Vimeo?

To make life simpler for our followers on Vimeo, we have created a set of Channels so that our box-set trailers and Free-to-View ‘ArtBytes from Paul’ can be easily viewed. To find these channels go to the Home Page of our official account on Vimeo – click on the MORE tab and select Channels from the drop-down menu and then you can browse through the medium-specific channels (i.e. oils, watercolours etc), or the full index of painting tutorials -

As always, this come with best wishes for your painting, from Eileen and myself,


Paul Taggart

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Tuition and Guidance for the Artist in Everyone


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