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'Webstrand, the Tooth Gatherer' Artist's First Edition Video-StoryBook

'Webstrand, the Tooth Gatherer' Artist's First Edition Video-StoryBook
'Webstrand, the Tooth Gatherer' Artist's First Edition Video-StoryBook from Paul Taggart's Elphen Chronicles now released on Paul Taggart's official Vimeo account - CLICK ON HIGHLIGHTED LINKS or IMAGES BELOW





"Welcome to ‘Watch & Listen to Paul Taggart’s Elphen Chronicles’ – you join me for ‘Webstrand, the Tooth Gatherer’.

        Next time you look up into the royal blue of an evening sky and spy a falling star, think of the Elphen. Somewhere, not so far away, they are gathering their numbers to follow that star until it reaches Earth; where, hidden in the undergrowth they will find their treasure - an Elphen Egg that has traversed the Starfields to reach its destination.

        You may well see them on their journey home, carrying their egg between them. Tiny specks against the night sky; only visible when they cross a bright star, or the face of a full moon.

A journey that was to change her life forever, on which, her guide is none other than, Webstrand, the Tooth Gatherer

If, like Fizz, you also come to believe in Elphen and search carefully along a star’s path, you may find what appears to be a small glowing ember in the undergrowth; but be on your guard, for once you start the search, it can soon become a quest.

WATCH as I depict the story of 'Webstrand, the Tooth Gatherer', through my scene-setting original Masterworks oil paintings and … LISTEN as this chronicle of a wondrous journey is told – a journey that begins in Fizz’s creative imaginings.

WATCH along as I work at my easel, drawing and painting the many story-telling illustrations that capture this epic tale and …

LISTEN as I read through each of the nine chapters in which Fizz is taken by her new-found Elphen friends on a sometimes exciting, sometimes terrifying, voyage of discovery.


WATCH as I share with you, the magic of a painting coming to life, through unique reveals of the Webstrand Masterworks, as they unfold from the very first paint strokes to the final highlights and … LISTEN to the original Musical Soundtrack and Soundscape that undulates through the good times and bad, the joy and horrors, the magical and real, the very essence of this chronicle of ‘Webstrand, the Tooth Gatherer’.




Paul Taggart

Artist : Author : Presenter : Producer

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+ Video-Book conceived, directed, filmed, created, and produced by Eileen M. Tunnell (Paul Taggart Management and 'Paul Taggart's Elphen Chronicles' Project Director)

+ Print-Book concept, design, creation and production by Sunita J. Gahir (Paul Taggart's Corporate and Publishing Design Director)

+ Musical Soundtrack and Soundscape by Liza Mulholland ('Paul Taggart's Elphen Chronicles' Music Director)

Recording Musicians:-

Liza Mulholland (Piano, Accordion, Keyboard, Percussion)

Alasdair Taylor (Mandolin, Vocals)

Stephen Bull (Vocals)

Imke Henderson (Cello)

Bev Fraser (Brass & Wind)

Music Recorded by Stephen Bull (Recording & Sound Engineer) at Steve Bull Productions, Clachbeg Croft, Black Isle, Highlands of Scotland

'Webstrand, the Tooth Gatherer' from 'Paul Taggart's Elphen Chronicles' published by The Three Quills, Highlands of Scotland, UK

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2018 – Paul Taggart has asserted his Rights as the Sole Artist & Author of Paul Taggart’s Elphen Chronicles. ALL RIGHTS (including Music) owned by Paul W. Taggart, Eileen M. Tunnell, Sunita J. Gahir (The Three Quills)