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Latest 'Elphen Chronicles' News from Paul Taggart's studio

Latest 'Elphen Chronicles' News from Paul Taggart's studio
Welcome and warm greetings from our studio ... from where we invite you to experience the 'collaborative' work involved in producing an illustrated fantasy book and project, such as 'Webstrand, the Tooth Gatherer', the second book in Paul Taggart's 'Elphen Chronicles'.

                The purpose of the various videos that we’re currently releasing is to reveal the many stages of preparation involved in working towards the finished result and hopefully, by doing so we can share with you are our world and sheer joy at working on a ‘special project’ which involves a number of key collaborators.
                Whether a painter, or an art collector; someone who is interested in the world of Elphen Chronicles or a collector of published works; or someone who is simply intrigued by watching an artist at work, we do hope you enjoy peeking over Paul’s shoulder as he works away at his easel.


This second build-up series of ‘Watch & Wander’ videos, which centres on Paul’s unique collection of Oil Painting Story Vignettes; not only chronicles a few of the artworks produced for Chapter One; we are also sharing some of the editorial and design work that is crucial in arriving at our goals for the final result.

            Watch the free-to-view Bonus Features in this box-set to see snippets from Paul’s first run-through with Sunita of her design for Chapter One, in which she sets out her design vision for the story. This is what collaboration is all about and enabled us to understand Sunita’s thinking for the end result. From this, Paul could proceed with the Oil Painting Vignettes to accompany the story-text running throughout this book. In the Bonus Features you will see Paul finalising the content of these vignettes, prior to starting work on the finished artworks.Then it was over to his easel and the first stage in these oil painting vignettes, for which Paul is using a technique that is unique to himself.

To date we have completed three two-hour long videos in this box-set; in which we share the development of four vignettes from Chapter One. It gives us the greatest pleasure to invite you to watch-along with Paul as he works away at these four.
                As you will hear when you watch this trailer (click here) - there are five distinct stages in the preparation of each vignette; which simply wouldn’t work as companions to the main Masterworks in the book, were it not for the use of traditional glazing techniques which Paul developed specifically for this ever-growing collection. To complete the process, you can see in the Bonus Features how Sunita incorporates the finished vignettes in her revised design run-through. It’s fascinating to watch how she has recorded herself at work from within her computer – look out for those moments when she is thinking things through.

We’ll soon be adding more Bonus Features centred on the start of work on the music and will let you know when those are in place – yes ... there’s music and more besides, in development. Meanwhile, this comes with best wishes and our thankyous for listening and watching,

from Eileen and Paul – not to mention, Webstrand and Starfire

Paul Taggart
Artist, Author, Presenter, Producer
Oils : Watercolours : Acrylics : Pastels : Drawing
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