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Greetings from our studio, from where we bring you a short news update about our online tutorials,

We have recently uploaded the final lesson in our latest box-set, one which has given Paul a great deal of pleasure in producing, for it has turned out to be a charming subject. Now available from our official account on Vimeo – ‘[Series 4] Learn to Enjoy Painting in Watercolours with Paul Taggart’ 12 videos featuring over 12 hours detailed tuition -

As with all of the subjects specifically selected to demonstrate specific techniques in our tutorials; this was chosen as particularly appropriate for demonstrating the technique of working with resists with watercolours, or other transparent media. Many folk avoid subjects where white elements come into play, as painting ‘white’ can often be seen as a challenge. This is where resists prove invaluable; but more than that, they can also be exploited to introduce ‘visual’ texture to a subject. Added, to which, they help in protecting areas where bright colours are required, such as in this composition, petals on a flower-head, sun-dappled grasses, super-white highlights. Underlying colours can also be protected to work against subsequently laid darker mixes.

Why not pop over for a look-see at our ‘no obligation’ trailer to decide for yourself if this might help you to extend your repertoire of techniques and thereby greater enjoyment of your experience of working with watercolours – simply click on this link -

MORE TO COME on both the tutorials front and further news about ‘Elphen Chronicles by Paul Taggart’ as this project moves forward on many fronts, including an exclusive tutorial set based on a unique technique that Paul has developed for his Elphen Story Vignettes that work alongside his Elphen Masterworks ... watch this space, as they say.

As always, this come with best wishes from Eileen and Paul

Paul Taggart
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Tuition and Guidance for the Artist in Everyone