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April news update for Elphen Chronicles by Paul Taggart

April news update for Elphen Chronicles by Paul Taggart
Warm greetings from our studio ... which come with a 'wee' update to let you know that we've added another four episodes to the build-up series 'Watch & Wander through the Elphen Chronicles by Paul Taggart'.

So why not have a look-see at our updated trailer, which tells all and also introduces you to another two of Paul’s large oil paintings that inspired the story for this upcoming second book -

There is more to this project, centred on Book 2, as we’ll be revealing in the coming months; for which we’re beavering away in our studio and others are busily creating on our behalf. We’re very fortunate to have some especially talented folk collaborating with us, who believe in this project and are putting their unique energies into helping us realise a quality result.

Meanwhile ... please do read the description on the current series of Watch & Wander through the Elphen Chronicles by Paul Taggart to see how you can apply to us for one of the one-hundred codes which will enable you to WATCH for FREE  any one of the eight episodes that we’ve released thus far.

Did you apply for a code in March? Then we automatically sent you earlier this month, with our compliments, a code for April – if you didn’t receive this code, please let us know, as the closing date for redeeming the April code is April 30th.

OTHER NEWS – more tutorials have been released since our last news update and more are in the offing, so please don’t think we have given up on those;
it is Paul’s Fine Art side of things that have taken a back seat to make way for ‘Elphen Chronicles’.       

Thankyou for listening and watching and, as always, this comes with best wishes from Eileen and Paul.