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Best wishes from Paul Taggart's studio and a 'wee' little message

Best wishes from Paul Taggart's studio and a 'wee' little message
Greetings from our studio in the Highlands of Scotland, from where Eileen and I send you best wishes for 2017 expressed in a wee little film.

 Just click on the image/this link. 
        It is some time since we sent out invitations to one of our Private, Studio At-Homes. years in fact; but there are reasons for this, which we could not reveal, until now, that is.
        The past five years of my work as a Fine Artist have been concentrated on one of my other passions. As many folk know, a little over twenty years ago we embarked on the first phase of a special project, Book 1 in my ‘Elphen Chronicles’.
        Now, after working intensely over the past five years on a substantial collection of large oil paintings and accompanying manuscript, we are looking forward to sharing the second phase of this project, which centres on Book 2.
        All will be gradually revealed over the coming months through our occasional newsletter, video reveals on Vimeo, messages on FB and so on.
        Meanwhile, do take care and, if you are wondering about our other work, such as our growing index of online tutorials; we have made a commitment to our worldwide audience to continue with these and have no current plans to drop them. It is simply that, currently, my Fine Art work continues to be concentrated on my Elphen Chronicles.
Thankyou for listening and watching,
Paul and Eileen

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