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January 2017 Newsletter

January 2017 Newsletter
Latest online video releases and news from Paul Taggart's artworkshopwithpaul studio

Greetings from our home in the Highlands of Scotland,
            Nature keeps reminding us that life can be quite magical. We awoke this morning to a stunning view all around us, with the rising sun striking through a deep freezing fog. Everything in our garden cloaked in crystalline frost, the pond frozen over. Plants chosen for their winter colour providing a strikingly vivid contrast to this ‘whiteness’. Now the fog is rolling back as morning progresses, to reveal a clear blue sky, not a cloud to be seen. Soon we will be donning our jackets to make the short walk up to our studio, the log fire having been lit a little while earlier to warm the building and ourselves as we work at desks and easels. From there we will see yet another view across our farming neighbours fields, which are currently filled with overwintering visitors, thousands of geese from the Arctic circle. Yesterday, swans flew low through our garden, on one of their daily flights from the loch nearby; we felt as if we could reach up and stroke their bellies they were so low. Although, it has to be said, thousands of geese and swans flying over the tin roof of our studio can interrupt our filming, the noise is unbelievable, as is the hazard!
            It is at times like these that we also appreciate our artistic bent, for we see paintings in everything we look at, even on our short walk up to the studio. Oh if only we could have more time to do everything we want to do......... Don’t you find yourself wishing that too, every time you sit down to create your artworks? If only time could be stretched.
            But “time and tide wait for no-one”, so the saying goes and we find ourselves writing longer and longer lists of things to action; some get done, such as the tutorials, others need to wait for their time.

So, what’s new from the artworkshop studio, where we work side-by-side, just us two?
 First-off – you’ll find that ’[Series 4] Learn to Enjoy Painting in Watercolours with Paul Taggart’ – is now in full swing. So why not have a look-see at our two, detailed FREE-TO-VIEW Bonus Feature tutorials – there is no obligation for you to buy, so just watch and enjoy - – all is explained in the VOD page description and the Trailer, not to mention in the individual descriptions for each Lesson, where we’re up to Lesson 4.     

Then – you’ll find a new ‘wee’ box-set ‘Sketching Companions, Line & Wash Workshops and Sketches with Paul Taggart’ – in which Paul is working with two quite different traditional Line & Wash techniques - – again all is explained in the VOD page description and the Trailer, not to mention in the individual descriptions for each workshop.

And there’s more - we have just released the latest addition to our on-going, build-up course ’[Series 4] Learn to Enjoy Painting in Oils with Paul Taggart’ – Lesson 13 Traditional techniques need not be mystical, which is what we set out to demonstrate. Take the art of ‘glazing’ for instance, often mistaken for varnishing, which it isn’t. The results of glazing are quite magical, there is no question about that, but it certainly isn’t something that is exclusively for the professional at the top of their tree – far from it, it is something that every artist can enjoy adding to their repertoire of painting techniques. Although glazing can be used in acrylics and watercolours (as we’ve shown in many tutorials so far), you can currently work-along  on a build-up course that is dedicated solely to the subject of glazing in oils, which is being rolled-out lesson by lesson -  We’ve seriously stripped down glazing, so that you can see glaze mixes in their raw form, how they look on the surface and how they interact with each other and underlying textures and colours. We’re trying something really different to do this, something we hope will take the mystery out of this most beautiful of techniques. Check out our two free-to-view Bonus Feature tutorials, which remain in place until Series 4 in Oils has reached it’s natural conclusion, after which they will be added to the upcoming ‘[Series 4] Painting Topical Techniques for Oils with Paul Taggart’. 
            So why not let Paul gently guide you through the exciting ‘art of glazing’ and let this be THE BEGINNING OF YOUR MAGICAL JOURNEY into the world of GLAZING and what a journey it will turn out to be – see for yourself how the first SIMPLE GLAZES in Lesson 3 are mixed on the palette, applied to the surface and blended together. We promise you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED with these lessons – they have been exciting to film and careful close-ups allow you to see precisely how those glazes work – check out our trailer and then watch for free the two Bonus Feature tutorials  and
if you’re new to Vimeo, have a look at our Welcome video on the artworkshopwithpaul profile page -

Please do have a browse through our ever-growing catalogue of detailed tutorials, filmed in real-time – we currently have 54 VOD Box-Sets, featuring 484 videos covering Watercolours, Acrylics, Oils or Pastels plus others that are suitable for use with all media – such as Learn to Enjoy Colour Mixing, a Topical Techniques box-set on Composition Matters,’Learn to Enjoy Painting Portraits & Figures with Paul Taggart’.  There is no joining fee, nor is there any obligation to join Vimeo to watch our trailers and read the detailed descriptions for each VOD - 
        That’s all our news on the tutorial front for now, but before we sign off, did you know that we provide free-to-download reference photographs for anyone working-along to our tutorials? These are available from artworkshopwithpaul on Flickr -
As always, this come with best wishes from Eileen and Paul
Paul Taggart
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