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December 2016 Newsletter

December 2016 Newsletter
Making GREEN work for you, Glazing in Oils, Watercolours 4 and other news from Paul Taggart's studio

Greetings from our studio, from where we send you best wishes and the hope that this finds you well in spirit and in health,
           Although we have plans to reveal a personally significant storytelling project in 2017, we will continue with our commitment to those who have been unfailing in their support of our online art tutorials. Which is why, as we work through the few remaining weeks of 2016 in preparation for our plans for 2017, our attention is currently concentrated on filming and preparing further tutorials.
           The storytelling project has been in work for the past five years and at it’s heart is a collection of unique large oil paintings, which hasn’t left Paul much time to work on any other Masterworks for his main selling collection, as well as continue with our online video painting tutorials. Something had to give, we can’t do everything, much as we would like to. We could so easily have walked away from our online tutorials after the cyber-criminal attack hit us on YouTube in 2014; but the absolutely astonishing and overwhelming support shown by so many around the world was something we hadn’t expected and simply couldn’t ignore.
So here we are at the threshold of 2017, exhilarated by the prospect of what we have in store. Meanwhile ............... what have we been up to since our last communication?

First off  - we have just published and released the latest addition to Series 1 of ‘Learn to Enjoy Colour Mixing with Paul Taggart’ – in which it is our mission to demystify the ‘art’ of mixing colours; which is every bit as enjoyable as the act of painting itself. There is nothing more satisfying than identifying the subtle colours within any compositional subject and then being able to simply and quickly mix the exact colour you’re looking for – rather than faffing about with tubes and tubes of colour. Making GREEN work for you, is exactly what it means – making green work for you, rather than you being controlled by colours -

Please do have a browse through our ever-growing catalogue of detailed tutorials, filmed in real-time – we currently have 52 VOD Box-Sets, featuring 467 videos covering Watercolours, Acrylics, Oils or Pastels plus others that are suitable for use with all media – such as Learn to Enjoy Colour Mixing, a Topical Techniques box-set on Composition Matters.  There is no joining fee, nor is there any obligation to join Vimeo to watch our trailers and read the detailed descriptions for each VOD -
        That’s all our news on the tutorial front for now, but before we sign off, did you know that we provide free-to-download reference photographs for anyone working-along to our tutorials? These are available from artworkshopwithpaul on Flickr -

As always, this come with best wishes from Eileen and Paul
Paul Taggart
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