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October 2016 Newsletter

October 2016 Newsletter
The magic of glazing and other news from Paul Taggart's studio

Greetings from our studio, the place we know as our sanctuary ... the place in which we work side-by-side, which brings us much pleasure as we work together on various creative projects,

Every day in our lives starts with what we tongue-in-cheek refer to as our ‘breakfast meeting’ – it is the time when we discuss what we are doing for the day. Will it be a day spent at my easel on one of my latest works of art, whilst Eileen works at her various computers (multi-tasking as usual)? Or can we both catch up on the latest stage of my illustrated story, many years in the making? Do we need to be Out and About, or fulfilling one of our charity fund-raising commitments?

One thing is for sure these days, as likely as not each day contains some time put aside for our online tutorials – whether it is preparing materials and surfaces, selecting subjects for demonstrations, discussing new ways of presenting the myriad methods and techniques which are topics for upcoming tutorials, or the one-hundred-and-one matters that arise as we work and film. Although the demonstrations are filmed spontaneously, dedicated filming days are intense, for every tutorial is filmed in real-time; which we sincerely believe is important, so that you can see everything from start-to-finish and work-along with the tutorial. Buy the videos outright and you get to either store them permanently within Vimeo or download them to your personal hard drive, to watch time and time again and at a pace to suit you.

Unlocking techniques, making methods more accessible, stripping down to the basics, this is what my tutorials are all about. We both know only too well the frustrating times that artists experience from lack of know-how and yet it needn’t be like that, it really needn’t be!
            I also want to share with you that feeling I get when working on one of my works of art, that feeling when I am no longer at my easel, but instead, I have actually inhabited the painting itself. I am within the composition seeing around me a world that is slowly developing as brush and paint colour that world. My brush is no longer at the end of my hand, it is my hand, I ‘feel’ the paint being applied to the surface, I ‘form’ the elements within the landscape through the strokes of paint.
            This is not me being wistful, it is a sensation and it is this feeling of being at one with the painting that we hope to bring to life in everyone out there who is on their artistic journey of discovery, so that you find the painting almost paints itself – whether it is in oils, watercolours, acrylics, pastels, drawing, digital art, animation – any form of creating artworks, all of which can be based on the traditional techniques of layering.
              Traditional techniques need not be mystical, which is what we set out to demonstrate. Take the art of ‘glazing’ for instance, often mistaken for varnishing, which it isn’t. The results of glazing are quite magical, there is no question about that, but it certainly isn’t something that is exclusively for the professional at the top of their tree – far from it, it is something that every artist can enjoy adding to their repertoire of painting techniques. Although glazing can be used in acrylics and watercolours (as we’ve shown in may tutorials so far), you can currently work-along with me on a build-up course that is dedicated solely to the subject of glazing in oils, which is being rolled-out lesson by lesson in ‘[Series 4] Learn to Enjoy Painting in Oils with Paul Taggart’ -
            We’ve seriously stripped down glazing, so that you can see glaze mixes in their raw form, how they look on the surface and how they interact with each other and underlying textures and colours. We’re trying something really different to do this, something we hope will take the mystery out of this most beautiful of techniques. So far we’ve made available the two free-to-view Bonus Feature tutorials, which remain in place until Series 4 in Oils has reached it’s natural conclusion. Lessons 1 & 2 are also in place with Lesson 3 filmed and ready for upload ... so why not let Paul gently guide you through the exciting ‘art of glazing’ – why not let this be THE BEGINNING OF YOUR MAGICAL JOURNEY into the world of GLAZING and what a journey it will turn out to be – see for yourself how the first SIMPLE GLAZES in Lesson 3 are mixed on the palette, applied to the surface and blended together. We promise you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED with this lesson – it was exciting to film and careful close-up filming allows you to see precisely how those glazes work – check out our trailer and then watch for free the two Bonus Feature tutorials  and if you’re new to Vimeo, have a look at our Welcome video on the artworkshopwithpaul profile page -

Whether you’re into
Watercolours, Acrylics, Oils or Pastels
have a browse through our ever-growing index of VOD box-sets and you may find something to suit you
plus others that are suitable for use with all media – such as Learn to Enjoy Colour Mixing, a Topical Techniques box-set on Composition Matters 
What else have we released since our last missive in September? 
‘[Series 3] Learn to Enjoy Painting in Sketching Pastels with Paul Taggart’ is now complete and boxed-up 
and we have filmed and completed it’s companion box-set of ‘[Series 3] Topical Techniques for Sketching Pastels with Paul Taggart’
What is on our to-film and release list for November? 
More on Colour Mixing, Series 4 in Watercolours, a stand-alone Acrylics Workshop (also suitable for oils) 

That’s all our news on the tutorial front for now, but before we sign off, did you know that we provide free-to-download reference photographs for anyone working-along to our tutorials? These are available from artworkshopwithpaul on Flickr -
As always, this come with best wishes from Eileen and Paul
Paul Taggart
Artist, Author, Presenter, Producer
Oils : Watercolours : Acrylics : Pastels : Drawing
Tuition and Guidance for the Artist in Everyone