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Catch-up with News from Paul Taggart's studio

Catch-up with News from Paul Taggart's studio
Latest Release from artworkshopwithpaul on Vimeo - 'Making BLUE work for You' - PLUS other news from Eileen and Paul's studio

Greetings from our studio in the Northern Highlands of Scotland, from where we also send heartfelt thanks to everyone who continues to support our work and online video tutorials. Were it not for that commitment we would have long-since abandoned these tutorials to spend more time on our various other projects. However, given the ever-growing worldwide audience for Paul’s video tutorials, we are currently mapping out our schedule to include work on Series 4 of Learn to Enjoy Painting with Paul Taggart in Oils, Watercolours, Pastels and Acrylics; not to mention the various other strands which you can find on our artworkshopwithpaul account on Vimeo – http://www.vimeo/com/artworkshopwithpaul  

We make no apologies for the fact that artworkshopwithpaul is the home of traditional techniques in painting, our guiding principle for the past 45 years. It has always been our philosophy to be honest and authentic in what we do, which is why our online video tutorials are filmed in real-time – you will never see a speed-painting tutorial video offered from our studio. Tricks and gimmicks are not our thing, but hints, tips and techniques are, as are sharing  those times when things go wrong when filming Paul’s tutorials, for this is one way in which to show how to overcome difficulties and correct mistakes – far better that, than to abandon the artwork altogether.


We firmly believe in folk expressing themselves through their art and creativity, that is what being creative is all about; but, we also believe that so much more can be gained from understanding exactly how painting equipment works and how exploiting and developing painting techniques leads the artist to their own unique process and individual style.

Take colour mixing for instance; Paul gets as much pleasure out of controlling his colours, as he does the act of painting – the end result being the ‘cherry on the cake’. A boxful of colours is a pretty sight, the excitement of buying yet more colours when in that ‘sweetie’ shop of an art store. We all know it, we have all experienced it. Yet, when it comes to the painting process, so much more can be gained from mixing the exact colour you need from a basic palette of six colours, than time wasted rummaging through the box for the exact colour you’re looking for and then finding you don’t have it.


Getting in control of your colours, rather than that boxful of colours being in control of you, is much easier than you might think and we hope that in our build-up series ‘Learn to Enjoy Colour Mixing with Paul Taggart’ you will find the help and knowledge that will enable you to mix specific colours as you need them.

Where are we up to in this series?

So far we have released four box-sets covering the basics of the nucleus palette of six colours and the reasons for those six colours – explained in easy-to-understand tutorials (not mystical tables and charts and mixing equations or formulaes)

WHICH INCLUDE a dedicated box-set for each primary entitled  Making YELLOW work for You, Making RED work for You and .... just released ....


We are very much looking forward to 2017 and have some stimulating projects on the go, such as working on the latest of Paul’s oil painting collections which has been in the works for the past four years – we’ll soon be rolling-out the next Masterclass, which is based on one of these Masterworks Oil paintings. Once we have a release date for the first of the paintings in this collection, we’ll also be releasing a reveal video, such as ‘Reflecting on Longhope Sound’ and ‘Lone Piper’ – both of which can be watched on Vimeo. – see our Masterworks Channel -

On the ‘storytelling’ front, we’ve been working for the past four years on another major project, originally started nearly twenty years ago – now given a new lease of life and for which we are thinking of releasing some ‘slow viewing’ online videos showing Paul working at his easel – more news on that as soon as we have that mapped out! Private visitors to our studio have been really curious to see what work-in-progress is on Paul’s easel and it’s only recently that we’ve shared some of this project with friends; so, as you can imagine, we’re really looking forward to revealing all when the time is right.

We are also working up various other projects with our creative friends, which involve music and more storytelling – so there’ll be more on that in the coming year.

Whoever said that life slows down as the years roll by – far from it in our studio, we seem to be doing more and more and loving every minute of it! Who could have ever guessed that we could reach out to folk in more than 150 countries worldwide at the touch of a button, to share a like-minded passion for all things creative and self-expression – long may it continue, for us all.

As ever, this come with best wishes from Eileen and Paul


Paul Taggart

Artist, Author, Presenter, Producer

Oils : Watercolours : Acrylics : Pastels : Drawing

Tuition and Guidance for the Artist in Everyone



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