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Texture and impasto in your artworks

Texture and impasto in your artworks
Our surroundings, everything we see, is made of various textures; we feel these textures in everything we touch -- but how to translate texture in our artworks? Through visual texture and physical texture.

        Taking time out to create is not always easy for everyone and we are truly aware that time spent doing so is precious; which is why we do our very best to ensure that the content of our online video tutorials is honest, authentic and of practical help, the sort of help that we would find of value when looking to add to our creative experience. Which is why our in-studio tutorials are filmed in real-time and you get to work-along with Paul from the very first stroke, to the very last finishing touch.
        This is also where the structure of our online videos comes into play. We could simply decide on a particular subject and film a start-to-finish tutorial; but we feel that would become too samey – the same seascape, the same landscape, the same still-life.
        Instead, our approach is to pass on techniques, particularly the traditional techniques which Paul has developed for his own paintings; nothing is witheld, for Paul believes in sharing his knowledge and experienced gained through his work as a Professional Fine Artist for well over forty years. This has been our philosophy from the outset, it forms the basis of Paul’s fourteen books, it formed the basis of our painting magazines which were published nearly twenty years ago, it governs the way we approach all of our various projects.  

We were delighted to send out unique codes for our personal gift of the box-set Painting Topical Techniques, Composition Matters with Paul Taggart – for which there are now only two weeks left until the closing date of August 31st 2016 – hopefully everyone who received their code will have redeemed it by then; for the box-set then reverts to purchase-only and it would be sad not to have accepted our genuinely offered gift. If you haven’t requested a code from us yet, it may be that our email about this box-set from early July didn’t get to you – so do check that you are following us on Vimeo and let us know as soon as you have, so that we can cross-check our records.  


We are very aware of the affordability of being creative, which is why we do our very best to keep our online video prices as low as possible (allowing for the many different worldwide sales taxes and VAT, not to mention card handling fees, the percentage and yearly fee we pay Vimeo to use their platform and so on). Unlike many others, we are not charging ‘hard copy’ prices for our videos and our videos are not edited down to fit within limited time-frames (the limited number of exceptions being when we are Out and About with Paul, in instances where the conditions of the day may have disrupted our filming experience). Anyone can also ‘try-before-you-buy’, as we offer each video for rental at a nominal $1us – which we think is important, for after all, we wouldn’t want anyone to be disappointed with our work. All of our box-sets are available for download, although anyone can also watch them in their Vimeo account, for all purchases continue to be available in any account, as long as that account is not closed – so, unlike attending a ‘live’ class, where the tutoring is only available in that moment, these tutorials are there to be referred to time and time again.

So, what’s new on artworkshopwithpaul on Vimeo? Our surroundings, everything we see, is made of various textures; we feel these textures in everything we touch – but how to translate texture in our artworks? Through visual texture and physical texture. Visual texture is effected through the viscosity of your paint mixes, through how you exploit your brush-work, be it scuffs and scumbles, directional strokes and so on. Physical texture is achieved by creating texture on your surface with arbitrary or structural texture and through impasto paint mixes. Our recently completed box-set ‘[Series 3] Learn to Enjoy Painting in Acrylics with Paul Taggart’   -  concentrates on the method of using Texture Paste to create texture on the surface and to create impasto paint mixes. Texture Paste is not merely a ‘crafting’ medium, it is so much more than that and offers an invaluable alternative to oil painters as well, as explained fully in our detailed description, the underlying textured layers can even be exploited for use with watercolours and with pastels. This box-set takes you on a journey into Arbitrary Texture, Structural Texture and Visual Texture – the subject being chosen for its variety of textural elements.
From each ‘Learn to Enjoy Painting with Paul Taggart’ we make a list of the most significant individual techniques that arise as Paul works through the main composition and then film and publish the companion box-set of ‘Painting Topical Techniques with Paul Taggart’ for each series - so it is with this series, which you will find in our recently completed box-set ‘[Series 3] Painting Topical Techniques for Acrylics with Paul Taggart’  s – containing seven videos covering five dedicated tutorials, on the basics of working with texture paste to create textures, working with arbitrary texture, working with structural texture, working with dry scuffs on textures and a detailed three-part exercise + All videos offer an invaluable alternative to oil painters as well, as explained fully in our detailed description +


‘[Series 4] Learn to Enjoy Painting in Pastels with Paul Taggart’, which follows not long after Series 3 is completed, will also focus on the subject of texture – so do watch out for that. Meanwhile ‘[Series 3] Learn to Enjoy Painting in Sketching Pastels with Paul Taggart’ continues to build and has reached Lesson 6.

Our current filming schedule includes Making BLUE work for you, which will round-off the Primary Colours set in ‘[Series 1] Learn to Enjoy Colour Mixing with Paul Taggart’ – we thank everybody for their patience in waiting for this set – we promise it won’t be forgotten!

As ever, this comes with best wishes for your painting, from Eileen and Paul

Paul Taggart
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