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April 2016 new additions to Paul Taggart's artworkshopwithpaul tutorials

April 2016 new additions to Paul Taggart's artworkshopwithpaul tutorials
Greetings from our studio, from where we bring you news of our newly filmed tutorials – fifteen in all, now released and available from artworkshopwithpaul on vimeo -

Greetings from our studio, from where we bring you news of our newly filmed tutorials – fifteen in all, now released and available from artworkshopwithpaul on vimeo -

First off, as mentioned in our March newsletter, the Making Yellow Work for You box-set in ‘[Series 1] Learn to Enjoy Colour Mixing with Paul Taggart’, which has already attracted much attention and is a follow-on to the Basics & Nucleus Palette box-set in the same series.

 Seventeen detailed lessons, takes viewers on a detailed step-by-step journey through an introductory Study, followed by the Main Composition in ‘[Series 3] Learn to Enjoy Painting in Oils with Paul Taggart’ -  the purpose of which is to help in the understanding of how to exploit the Impasto Technique as a painting technique in its own right – most commonly the middle ‘layer’, through which structure and texture is built, working from dark to light. Here viewers will learn how to exploit the middle impasto layer, working with stiff, tube-consistency paint; which Paul describes as the “…essence of oil painting itself.”

Getting used to handling oil paint in this form is really essential to get the full benefit of what oil painting can actually become. This is an exciting technique - get to grips with it through this box-set and viewers will find themselves on a rich and stimulating journey. Paintings will come alive with character, every element within them imbued with texture, structure, volume and form.

Inspired by the methods and technique used in the above seventeen lessons, ‘[Series 3] Painting Topical Techniques for Oils with Paul Taggart’ a box-set of eight tutorials, featuring:-
The BASICS of working with impasto through a simple study; which encourages you to concentrate on the technique, rather than the subject.
Following this you are then taken through an EXERCISE, which allows you to put the impasto technique into practice on another simple, but more structured subject – one that will help you get to grips with impasto mixes and directional brush-strokes.
Knowing how to work with IMPASTO GRADUATED COLOURS, both the mixing process and the application on your painting surface becomes second nature, when you know how. Work-along to this tutorial and you will gain confidence in making the mixes, loading your brush, applying the colour and blending.
What is the difference between CAST SHADOWS and VOLUME SHADOWS? Again, easy to determine when you know how and this tutorial will help you to recognise these in your subjects, so that you can achieve volume and depth.
IMPASTO STRUCTURAL BLENDING is another of those invaluable lessons that will furnish you with the ability to create volume and form on anything from the simples of round objects, to the subtlest of features, such as a cheek in a portrait. Mastering the art of blending in impasto will make the world of difference to your paintings.
IMPASTO VISUAL TEXTURES reveals how to achieve visual texture using ‘dry’ thin impasto layers and also how to achieve visual texture with heavy thick impasto layers. Each as different as they could be; both proving crucial additions to your everyday painting repertoire.
NEGATIVE PAINTING is so much more than many realise and has as important a role to play as ‘positive’ painting. Not forgetting the invaluable part it can play in bringing an unloved painting back on track.
Finally, REWETTING A DRIED PAINTING when working with IMPASTO. Retouching varnish is not the only option, as this tutorial will reveal and in so doing, you will gather another set of different approaches with which to bring your painting back to life.

Four hours of tuition for FREE...................
We continue with our latest build-up course, Lessons 1,2,3 & 4 now available in ‘[Series 3] Learn to Enjoy Painting in Acrylics with Paul Taggart’ – which is also suitable for oils, as the series is dedicated to creating ‘impasto’ with the use of texture paste and can be used as a speedier method for oil painters (working oil paints over a texture paste impasto underpainting) -

Whatever you work in, be it pastels, acrylics, oils, watercolours – the method shown for the underlying textural base can be worked over with any of these mediums – truly they can
Click on this link and you will be taken to the VOD page, where you will find four free-to-view Bonus Feature videos that cover the Basics of the method PLUS a three-part tutorial which takes you from start-to-finish on a work-along Exercise on which you can practice the method

We currently have 43 box-sets of comprehensive tutorials covering a multitude of mediums, subjects and techniques – all of which are explained in the VOD pages description and accompanying Trailer. There are detailed descriptions for each video in each set, to fully explain the content of each.

The term VOD, stands for Video on Demand, so when you visit our account artworkshopwithpaul on vimeo – look for the VOD tab and you will see that there are four pages, featuring a poster for each box-set/on-going course. Click on the poster and you will be taken to the box-set/course, in which you can watch the Trailer, view details for the box-set, view details for each video, see the purchasing options.

We are mindful of the pockets of our worldwide audience and have priced our videos at the lowest possible prices to make things more affordable. You can rent (known as streaming) or buy outright. You can elect to watch your purchased videos on the vimeo platform, where they remain in your account for as long as you have an account in vimeo. Or ..... you can ‘download it’ to ‘own it’ and ‘watch it’ at your convenience – so watch out for the download symbol.

Thank you for reading our latest missive and for your continued interest in our work – believe us, it is truly appreciated by both at this end and we would never take you for granted.
Best wishes, from Eileen and Paul

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'[Series 3] Learn to Enjoy Painting in Oils with Paul Taggart' available from artworkwithpaul on vimeo