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The elphen Chronicles

Elphen Chronicles

A few years ago, Paul took up brush and palette to work on a series of watercolours that soon took him over. As he painted, Paul found a book writing itself in his head, so that once the light had gone from the day he would swap brush and palette for pen and paper. For the months Paul Taggart was engaged in painting these new creatures, he became so engrossed that all other paintings were forsaken and other work put aside in order to free his mind to concentrate on completing the creation of these creatures. Finally seventeen chapters and eighteen full plate Watercolour illustrations had been completed and the Elphen Chronicles was ready for publishing.

Welcome to the world of the Elphen, a new 'genre' of mythical folk dreamt up by Paul Taggart. A world inhabited by Lacewing who leads the Elphen Swarm in their search for the precious Elphen Eggs. Sirensong, the Nest Mother, a queen whom all Elphen will follow until death. Her 'song' can facilitate 'dream speaking' or act as a guide to Elphen travellers. Starfire, the mathematician and wizard of the Swarm, who can predict the coming of 'Starfall' through his intimate knowledge of the heavens. He is able to spontaneously ignite a wall of flame, a fire 'aura' which both protects and creates 'Flame Pictures'. With Artimus Glin, their human hero, they set out on a quest, one that affects their very existence.


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Elphen Chronicles

"Next time you look up into the royal blue of an evening sky and spy a falling star, think of the Elphen. Somewhere, not so far away, they are gathering their numbers to follow that star until it reaches the earth. There hidden in the undergrowth they will find their treasure, an Elphen Egg, which has traversed the starfields themselves to reach its destination.

If only you believe you may see them on their journey home, carrying their egg between them. Tiny specks against the night sky, only visible when they cross a bright star, or the face of a full moon."